Wintery Well Being

Hello Everyone!

I can’t remember the last time I saw weather like this, especially in Bolton, -7 windchill factor and snow blowing aggressively into my face, absolutely freezing.  After dropping off our son at school, by sledge!!1 I ran a hot shower, had a warm chai tea and decided to do some work on my blog and create some yummy products. After lighting my inspiration candle; a blend of warm apple and cinnamon

It got me thinking about how warming aromas such as Ginger and Cinnamon are.  Also great for tummy upsets and warming for those wintery showers that we are all experiencing at the moment.

I have been inspired to create a cream for my mum, being newly retired I feel I wanted to pamper and treat her to a tailor-made blended cream!!

Folksy Shop

Visit my Folksy shop if you would like to purchase your own winter warmer blend, carry it with you wherever you may go.

Keep warm everyone and take care!!!!


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